Union Grove Pet Boarding

Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

When we say that our goal is to make Playmate Kennels and Stables your pet’s home away from home, we mean it. Our Union Grove pet boarding facility features a modern design and was built with your pet’s comfort in mind. We realize traveling without your pet can be stressful for both pets and owners alike. That’s why we like to we provide peace of mind and convenience for you as well.

Our Facility Features:

  • 24+ Rolling Acres
  • Modern Design Built With Your Pet’s Comfort in Mind
  • Climate Controlled Kennels
  • Competitive Rates
  • Multiple Pet Discounts
  • Experienced, Professional Care
  • Owners Who Are Committed to Safety & Quality Care
  • Convenient Location Just 1.5 Miles From I-94
  • Owners Who Live On-Site
  • 24/7 Video Surveillance

If you have to travel without your pet, we encourage you to call Playmate Kennels and Stables to learn more about our pet boarding services. We specialize in boarding dogs and cats, but can also accommodate other small animals.

We are happy to accommodate special food requests and administer supplements and medication, at no additional cost, to ensure your pet enjoys a consistent diet and routine while you’re away. When booking your pet’s stay, you can indicate any special requirements and then just be sure to bring your pet’s food/medications with you when your pet checks in for their stay.

During your pet’s stay at Playmate Kennels and Stables in Union Grove, WI, your pet will enjoy daily activity time. And in warmer weather, your pet can even choose between the climate-controlled kennel and time spent outdoors by simply walking through the doggy door in their kennel. Both spaces are private, but we find pet’s really enjoy the ability to choose how they spend their day.

From our competitive rates and convenient location, to our friendly service and commitment to providing your pet with excellent care in your absence, you can rest easy when traveling without your family pet. Click Here to learn more about our Union Grove Pet Boarding facility and book your pet’s stay TODAY. Or, Contact us at 262-878-1550.

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