Help Your Pet Have A Stress-Free Boarding Experience

If you’re like us, you consider your pet to be part of your family. Unfortunately, there are always going to be times that you can’t help but travel without your pet. If you have to board your pet, here are our top tips to help them enjoy a stress-free stay at the boarding facility.

  • Find A Locally-Owned Boarding Facility With Kind, Caring Staff

  • Make Sure The Boarding Facility Can Accommodate Special Needs & Considerations

  • Be Sure Your Pet Is Up-To-Date On Vaccinations

  • Pack Plenty Of Food, Supplements, & Medication (If Applicable)

  • Pack A Familiar Item (T-Shirt, Towel, or Pillowcase)

Find A Friendly, Locally Owned Boarding Facility

There are a lot of options when trying to choose a boarding facility. Big box stores offer boarding services, Mobile Phone Apps connect you with contracted pet sitters, and veterinary clinics offer boarding services. Unfortunately, each of these options comes with drawbacks and concerns.

When you have to travel without your pet, the best option is to find a locally-owned business that specializes in pet boarding. These businesses care deeply about the health and well-being of your pet and will treat them like family. We’re extremely proud of the way we run Playmate Kennels and Stables. Your pet’s health and happiness is our number one priority.

Our clean modern boarding facility offers spacious private runs for each pet. Weather-permitting, your pet can even choose if they wish to be indoors or out, by simply popping through the doggy dog that leads to a private outdoor run.

For added peace of mind, the owners live on-site and the facility is monitored 24/7 by video surveillance.

Make Sure The Boarding Facility You Choose Can Accommodate Any Special Considerations Your Pet Requires

If you have a pet that requires medication, a special diet, or special accommodations, communicate that with the boarding facility. You’ll want to ensure they can properly care for your pet. You’ll also want to inquire if there are additional fees for the special accommodations.

At Playmate Kennels and Stables, we are happy to accommodate any special requirements and we do so at no additional charge to you. We realize every pet is different and we’re happy to help ensure your pet’s routine stays consistent even in your absence.

Make Sure Your Pet’s Vaccinations Are Current And Meet The Boarding Facilities Minimum Requirements.

To ensure the health and safety of all animals staying at the boarding facility, there are minimum vaccination requirements. You’ll want to inquire what the minimum requirements are well in advance of your pet’s stay. You’ll also want to call your veterinarian’s office to request proof of your pet’s current vaccinations.

Pack Plenty of Food, Supplements, & Medication (If Applicable)

99 percent of the time, you’ll make it home on the day you planned, but travel can always be unpredictable. If you pack and extra day or two of food, supplements, and medication, your pet’s routine won’t be affected by any unplanned travel delays you experience.

Pack A Familiar Item For Your Pet

While some pet’s don’t think twice about staying at a boarding facility, other pets can be a bit more sensitive. If you’re unsure of how your pet will adjust to their stay at the boarding facility, you can always pack a familiar item that has your scent on it. You don’t want to pack an overly bulky item and you’ll want to be sure you can wash the item once you return home – Towels, T-Shirts, and Pillow cases are all great options.

If you live in Southeastern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, we’d be honored to serve as your pet’s home away from home. For more information or to discuss our pet boarding services, please call us today – 262-878-1550. Our Modern Pet Boarding Facility is conveniently located just 1.5 miles from I-94 and we have pick-up and drop-off hours 7 Days A Week.

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